Successful Onboarding

Getting new employees off to a good start is crucial in complex organisations. Introducing new employees quickly and efficiently to tasks, roles and settings is a challenge when new employees are brought in from outside the organisation and when existing employees are reassigned.

The objective is to make the complex simple while being aware of the entire value chain and how the different employees contribute to the joint effort.

In 2011 we helped Danish Railways (DSB) create an overall introductory programme that all new employees have to complete. The design combines presentations, dialogue formats and short movies with a game-based tool.

The game takes its point of departure in the “travel chain” and how each employee group contributes to the customer's experience and contentment. You can read more about the solution here.

For a leading company in the pharmaceutical sector, we have developed a game-based onboarding concept for their R&D organisation. The challenge was to combine the company's diverse portfolio of development projects with a narrower, person-based perspective representing all professional groups in the company.

The solution was a flexible concept, where the game was the frame for an all-day seminar with short, professional presentations integrated into the game's thematics along the way.