Solution Map™

Are you looking to crack a dilemma, clarify a strategy process, speed up decision making or innovate?

Solution Map is a process tool that brings teams and groups together for idea creation, problem solving, and knowledge sharing. Solution Map offers a simple and intuitive way to guide organisational decisions and discussions in true workshop style.

It ensures, very literal, hands on involvement of the relevant stakeholders and makes documentation very visible and very easy while testing ideas and mapping your possible solutions. 


The more we challenge ideas, the more solid they get. Solution Map supports the creation of bulletproof ideas by setting up obstructions to challenge participants in their ability to find and realise new perspectives, ideas and solutions.

A good idea can always be made better and Solution Map focuses on overcoming obstructions in the hunt for even better ideas. Thus, Solution Map works both qualitatively and quantitatively by making your range of solutions clear as well as their usefulness.  


Solution Map is a game-based tool consisting of cards that are used to visualise and structure knowledge and insights around a center board. On the basis of a chosen subject, participants put problems, questions, answers, and solutions into play.

Participants work in groups of three, and the tool incorporates changes of perspectives in order to highlight different issues from all angles. The result is a well-documented process in which collectively sourced ideas are paired with a sequence of arguments that are visible to everybody. In this way, Solution Map makes it easy to evaluate and continue on to the next phase of work based on your results. 


  • Solution Map helps organisations, companies, and institutions that want to involve several stakeholders in a development, implementation or innovation process
  • Solution Map is a flexible tool that can be used in for a variety of collaborative efforts
  • One set of Solution Map can be used by 9 participants
  • It is possible to use several sets of Solution Map during the same process, so several hundred people can participate at the same time
  • The process duration is 1-3 hours
  • Solution Map is easy to use, only a short introduction is needed in order to start working
  • Solution Map in use
    Solution Map in use
  • The basic setup
    The basic setup
  • Using Solution Map with custom graphics
    Using Solution Map with custom graphics