A better education

In 2010, Copenhagen University initiated a multi-annual strategic venture, “Den Gode Uddannelse”, aimed at creating a significant improvement in the educational programmes across the university.

The objective was to develop new and better processes and solutions and to create more commitment and focus on education and didactic in a culture that, today, is defined by a very strong focus on research.

Workz assisted the university in planning and carrying through a process where the university’s employees, students and recipient panels were involved in the development of several initiatives that, in different ways, will improve the educational programmes of the university.

Workz managed being qualified playmates on the analytical and strategic levels while getting things done on the practical level too

The process consisted of three different large events: The first was a scenario brunch for the recipient panels which was held at the University’s banquet room, the second was an all-day innovation camp for the students held at Den Grå Hal [situated in the free city, Christiania], and, finally, an all-day project camp for the university’s employees and the representatives in the student council held at Tivoli Congress Center.

"Three very different workshops [...] where process, location and style have been matched with the target groups in three very different ways and where all parts of the process have delivered very specific results that are very applicable" says Hanne Harmsen, Vice director of Education.

The overall process was designed in order to create a logical progression in the way that the participants of the two last camps built on the work previously done. At the same time, for the duration of the whole process, it was possible to come up with ideas, which were in fact ready to implement and to deliver input to the university’s strategy process.

Workz were also responsible for the development of the overall communication strategy – among other things recruitment and the visual concept for the campaign.

Recipients, students and employees delivered excellent feedback on the process which resulted in more than 90 concept outlines on the university’s online idea bank out of which about half were assigned funds for a test project in 2011.

"Workz managed being qualified playmates on the analytical and strategic levels while getting things done on the practical level too [...] When I have previously looked at a consultancy bill, many times I have thought: What was really in it for me? This has not happened with Workz – they really deliver!” says Hanne Harmsen, Vice director of Education