Boosting Matrix Competencies

In Arla Foods the matrix organisation 2.0 has been rolled out.

The situation now calls for a strengthening of the competencies of directors, managers, and employees on how to engage stakeholders and create results in the matrix.

The matrix organisation includes a complex stakeholder landscape and a complex set-up of roles and mandates. This calls for competencies to feel at ease when facing complexity.

Situational savvy, building relationships, and influencing stakeholders are key competencies to work efficiently, handle complexity, and create results.

In close cooperation with the three pillars of Arla HR - Global HR Services, HR partners and Organisational Design and Health - Workz has helped designing and facilitating workshop processes for target groups across the whole company.

Gamechangers helps leaders understand and strengthen these competencies in an effective and fun way

We are using the leadership simulation Gamechangers to create awareness about and train four competence areas: Stakeholder intelligence, influencing at all levels of the hierarchy, building relationships, and handling complexity.

The participants’ experience from Gamechangers is linked to the participants’ daily work life. This opens for new perspectives on what mindset and behavior can work well in Arla’s organisation.

In the process Arla HR becomes certified users of Gamechangers, so they can carry on using Gamechangers by themselves.

"Gamechangers will for sure increase the awareness and understanding for our leaders to work and manage internal stakeholder relationships. To achieve results in a company like Arla it is not enough only to focus on your own tasks and activities in your team - but also fully understand how others in Arla can help you in creating performance. Having Organisational Understanding and proactively build positive relationships are core competencies for leaders in Arla. Gamechangers helps leaders understand and strengthen these competencies in an effective and fun way" says Thomas Schou Høj, Arla Foods amba, Global HR Services, Learning & Development