Bringing the Cold War to life

In October 2023, a new learning center will open its doors at the Cold War Museum, REGAN Vest.

Here, students can immerse themselves in an authentic and thought-provoking gameplay experience developed by Workz, delving into the challenges of the Cold War era.

Democracy, Dilemmas and Decision-Making

As part of the simulation, students will collectively assume the roles of the Danish government. Their task will involve gathering information from the civil defense system, analysing data, and making decisions that carry long-lasting consequences.

Throughout the experience, they will face a series of thought-provoking dilemmas, challenging them to protect the Danish population and safeguard the country's democratic principles. For instance, they may be confronted with the dilemma of maintaining societal calm and preventing widespread panic in the face of crisis.

By bringing historical dilemmas to life, students not only gain insight into the past but also develop the ability to critically analyse contemporary challenges such as terrorism, misinformation, pandemics, and conflicts. The simulation serves as a bridge between the past and present, creating an understanding of the lasting relevance of democratic decision-making.

The REGAN Vest bunker is a reminder that you cannot take democracy for granted. The Learning Centre will be a historic platform for engaging the youth of Denmark in a conversation about the survival – and nature – of democracy.
– Christine Paludan-Müller, Head of Grants in the Nordea Foundation.

students began vest

Designing an Authentic Learning Experience 

The design of the learning center includes the replication of the key spaces within the Cold War bunker. The Government Situation Room, with its strategic layout and period-specific furnishings, serves as the centre-piece.

Students are surrounded by an atmosphere that closely resembles the environment where critical decisions were made during the era. This ensures an authentic and realistic experience.

regan vest room

Working with kids

In our work for corporate clients, we rarely get the opportunity to create immersive experiences of this nature.

However, it is precisely these ventures that ignite our passion, especially when they involve crafting experiences for kids. Through our commitment to nurturing the growth of future generations and equipping them to lead the way, we find great joy.

By immersing students in the complexities of the Cold War era, encouraging critical thinking and decision-making, we aim to make a meaningful impact on their understanding of democratic processes.