Invest in a Sustainable Future

The mayor of a Chinese megacity, a middleclass family from India, the CEO of an American clothing brand, the owner of a textile mill in Bangladesh, a cotton farmer in Brazil, and an EU commissioner are the six main characters in a game of sustainable business development made by Workz in colaboration with Rebuild21 and Rambøll for the Rebuild21 Summit in 2013.

At the event 250 participants made an attempt at creating a sustainable future by investing in solutions and strategies in the clothing system. Along the way they had to open the way for new market possibilities for the Nordic countries.

Through their investments the participants identified the correlations between the choices of the six actors and gained the knowledge that important solutions demand taking a step back and taking a look at the whole picture.

The game served both as an icebreaker and a motivator for the rest of the conference, and as a learning game framing the discussion and opening up the business perspectives of the participants.